Stuffed Crust Pizza

Cowboy Kent Rollins Stuffed Crust Pizza

Stuffed Crust Pizza is a recipe that looks like you spent all day cooking, but really only takes a few minutes to make. Pizza is always a great recipe to cook in a Dutch oven, as well. Below are some tips and tricks that will make this the best pizza you have ever tasted. We…

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Easiest 1 Hour Yeast Rolls

Your favorite yeast rolls just got a whole lot easier to make! This recipe will take one hour from the moment you start proofing to the moment you pull hot, fluffy, delicious rolls out of the oven. We appreciate you sharing our recipes with your friends and family! 5 Minutes to Proof The secret to…

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Smash Burgers! With Homemade Brioche Buns

Kent Rollins Smash Burger

What makes a smashed burger special? The burger is smashed flat and added to the hot griddle while still cold. The shock of the heat on the fat in the burger causes the burger to caramelize and creates unbelievable flavor and seals so much of the delicious juice inside. We’d Appreciate it if You Shared…

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John Wayne’s Corn Dodgers

If you happen to be a fan of John Wayne, you may have heard of corn dodgers a time or two. Corn dodgers are a uniquely American food. Throughout the western expansion over the Oregon Trail, folks were in a hurry to get to their destinations. They had to carry everything that could sustain them…

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Cast Iron Cornbread

Kent Rollins Cast Iron Corn Bread

Howdy folks, and thanks for stopping by the website! In this week’s video, I demonstrate how to make perfect corn bread in a cast iron Dutch oven. Cast iron cornbread is about as traditional of a dish as there is in the United States, as corn has been the crop that has kept us and…

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Homemade Bread

Kent Rollins Sliced Homemade Bread Cooked in a Dutch oven

Howdy, folks! This week’s recipe is about honoring the simple things in life. What is more satisfying and comforting to a family more than a homemade loaf of bread? I have a simple, four-ingredient recipe for a loaf of bread that could be found on a table generations ago, yet is just as delicious and…

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Monte Cristo Sandwich

Kent Rollins' Monte Cristo Sandwich

Howdy y’all, and thanks for stopping by the website. Today I’m whipping up one of my beautiful wife Shannon’s favorite foods from the happiest place on Earth. Yes, I’m talking about a Disney theme park. I had never heard of one of these in my life. A whole fried sandwich? Well, you know I was…

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Australian Damper Bread

Kent Rollins Traditional Australian Damper

G’day, mate! We’re having a great day at camp down under and … what? Why am I talking funnier than usual? Well, as y’all know, America isn’t the only place on the globe with a good number of cowboys and people who cook outside on fires. We have a lot of subscribers and active viewers…

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Monkey Bread

Kent Rollins Monkey Bread

Howdy everyone, and thank you for stopping by the website! This recipe is one of my favorite desserts because it is warm and gooey and so sweet. I’m talking about monkey bread. I don’t know why they call it monkey bread, but what I do know is that there are never any leftovers. Monkey See,…

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Jalapeno Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits

Thank y’all for stopping by the backyard! It’s Christmas time, and many of you are gathering around the fire with your families this season. We hope you’re sharing food and laughter and friendship. When we wrote our second cookbook – Faith, Family, and the Feast, we included one of our favorite recipes: Jalapeno Cheddar Buttermilk…

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