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Cooking Tips

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Hey folks, you know grilling season is coming up so we’re going to give you some easy tips to make sure you get the most flavor and juiciness out of your steak. There are three main tricks that will give you the perfect steak so get the fire hot! #1 Buying Tips Grilling the perfect…

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Knife Sharpening Tips and Care + Hash Knife How-To

Different kind of knives

Hey there! So, when it comes to knives, I think we can all agree that a dull knife is pretty much useless. I don’t want you to get caught with a dull knife so, I’ll be sharing my top tips and tricks on how to take care of your knives, keep them sharp, and make them…

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Unboxing the Field Co. Cast Iron Skillet + New Cast Iron Tips

  I’m always looking for some cast iron that is really well made like the old Griswold or Wagner stuff.  But we recently opened up a new Field Company Skillet. I’m always hesitant about using new cast iron, because a lot of times it isn’t milled to a smooth finish and can be heavy. I’ll…

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Five Tips for Coal Placement in Dutch Ovens

When it comes to Dutch oven cooking, it’s very important to know how and where to place your coals. We’re cooking with hardwood charcoal or real wood, so we’ll walk through how to do that. Now, Dutch ovens don’t come with a knob, so a trivet is the knob equivalent in a Dutch oven, and…

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Crispy Hash Brown How-To

I get a lot of cooking questions like, “What makes a really good crispy fried hash browns?” Now there ain’t no telling how many bags of taters I fried up before I figured it out… but I did figure it out. 

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Get Better Flavor from your Gas Grill

  You know me – I love to build a fire, but sometimes it’s more convenient to use a gas grill. And for some of you, you may only have a gas grill. So, I’m going to give you a trick on how to get more flavor out of that gas grill.

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Burger Grilling Tips and Roasted Green Chile Cheeseburger

It’s summer time and that means gathering together outside around the grill and feasting on some great food. What’s a more classic summer grilling dish than a good ol’ fashioned burger? For those of you who may be a little intimidated by grilling a burger- have no fear ’cause I’ve put together some of my…

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How to Convert Recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking

You know what question I get all the time? “What is your favorite Dutch oven recipe?” Or “What is your favorite Dutch oven cookbook?” My answer is always- nearly any recipe or cookbook can be used for Dutch oven cooking! While it may seem a little intimidating at first, all you need are a few…

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How to Get Great Flavor from Your Coffee Pot

Getting great flavor from coffee doesn’t just come from the coffee itself, but from your coffee pot. Just like cast iron, a coffee pot needs to be seasoned. Once you have it properly seasoned- and clean it properly- you’ll notice be on your way to having the best coffee in your life!

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