Kent was recently interviewed at length for the Final Approach podcast with Chris Gregory. It was a great time! Please have a listen HERE.


National Day of the Cowboy July 27 10am - 2 pm Presentations and meet and greet with cowboy kent rollins

Location: National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OK

Dates: July 27, 2024

Join us in celebrating that classic Western icon — the cowboy — at the Museum’s commemoration of National Day of the Cowboy! Honor cowboy culture and pioneering heritage while embracing your inner cowboy/girl. Come decked out in all the cowboy gear you created throughout the week at Summer Round-up (or what you already have in the closet) and enjoy music from Oklahoma Opry, participate in family-friendly activities and crafts, ride a mechanical bull and get your face painted like a rodeo clown!

Join special guest Kent Rollins, cowboy humorist, storyteller and cowboy cook, for two presentations and a meet-and-greet. Be sure to purchase Kent Rollins’ cowboy cookbooks and products in Persimmon Hill.

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