Ribeye Tips

Howdy everyone, and thanks for stopping by the website. I get a lot of questions from folks who want to understand the differences between different cuts of ribeye. While I know how to cook them, my friends at Certified Angus Beef are a little better at explaining what makes each cut special. Diana Clark is an expert when it comes to all things rib-eye and she taught me a thing or two.

Boneless Ribeye

This is about a 12 ounce boneless ribeye

The boneless ribeye is the cut you’re most likely to find at a grocery store. You will always want to look for a bright color and a lot of marbling.

Split Bone

Split Bone Rib Eye

A split bone rib-eye is another cut that you can find regularly at the grocery store. Just like boneless ribeyes, you want to look for a good color and a lot of marbling. When you’re ready to cook you are going to sear on both sides, cook the ribeye to rare and then let it rest. The ribeye shown above will run about 14-16 ounces. This cut of meat has a tremendous flavor.

Cowboy Ribeye

A cowboy ribeye, otherwise known as a bone in ribeye, will run about 22-28 ounces. It’s much thicker than the boneless ribeye and the split bone.

Tomahawk Ribeye

The Tomahawk Ribeye

The Tomahawk Ribeye is almost more of a roast than a steak, in terms of cooking time. To cook a tomahawk ribeye, sear the sides all over and then move to indirect heat until you get to about 130 degrees.

Boneless Rib Roast

The boneless rib roast can be used to make something really special. The boneless rib roast has two main muscles: The Spinalus, or the rib cap on the top, and the largest portion underneath is called the Longissimus Dorsi. By separating these two muscles, you create a large rib filet from the rib cap. This is normally what’s on the outside of the ribeye and you need to cook it to about medium. The Longissimus Dorsi can be sliced long ways into ribeye filets. Buying one roast can give you many different options, and all of them are delicious.

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