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Grilled Bananas – Easy Banana Boat Recipe

Grilled Bananas

Looking for an easy, mouth-watering recipe to make this summer? Look no further! It’s grilling season and meat isn’t the only thing on our grill this summer. Our grilled banana boat recipe with peanut butter chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk is one of the best ooey gooey treats ever.

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Best Ever Cheese Fries – Crispy Bacon Cheesy Steak Fries

Cheese Fries

You can’t help but like cheese, crispy bacon, steak, and taters! I’ve got the perfect dish that’s got all these – Crispy Bacon Cheesy Steak Fries, the best ever cheese fries. I don’t like to pour just canned chili all over my cheese fries, and if you’re like me, this recipe is perfect for you.…

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How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Hey folks, you know grilling season is coming up so we’re going to give you some easy tips to make sure you get the most flavor and juiciness out of your steak. There are three main tricks that will give you the perfect steak so get the fire hot! #1 Buying Tips Grilling the perfect…

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Get Better Flavor from your Gas Grill

  You know me – I love to build a fire, but sometimes it’s more convenient to use a gas grill. And for some of you, you may only have a gas grill. So, I’m going to give you a trick on how to get more flavor out of that gas grill.

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Burger Grilling Tips and Roasted Green Chile Cheeseburger

It’s summer time and that means gathering together outside around the grill and feasting on some great food. What’s a more classic summer grilling dish than a good ol’ fashioned burger? For those of you who may be a little intimidated by grilling a burger- have no fear ’cause I’ve put together some of my…

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Grilled Mexican Corn

I have shucked many an ear of corn and eaten many a bushel full in my lifetime. My favorite way to eat it is grilled. Grilling corn gives it such a different taste that really brings out the flavor of the corn in a smokey way. It’s even better when Shan puts her special Mexican…

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Dutch Oven Baked/Grilled Ribs

You don’t have to have one of them fancy smokers to get that smoked flavor you want out of those ribs. Just grab that Dutch oven and lets get to simmering. Simmering these little fellers in chicken broth will keep them really tender. Then we’ll finish them on the grill for that little color and…

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Cold Weather Cooking Tips for Grilling pt. 1

It’s always the season to cook outside or grill. So let’s go over some top tips I have for y’all when grilling or cooking in a Dutch oven when it’s cold outside – let’s get the fire hot! Grilling Tip #1: Preheat your grill longer. Allow for more time when you preheat your grill because…

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AMAZON’S Top 100 Cookbooks

BIG NEWS! We’re so honored that our cookbook,A Taste of Cowboy, was just named on “Amazon’s Top 100 Cookbooks for a Lifetime of Cooking.” When Shannon and I put together this cookbook, it was a culmination (and that’s a big word for me), of over 25 years cooking whether it was with Mama in the kitchen…

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