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Crispy Fried Catfish


I don’t get a chance to wet a hook much anymore but there’s one thing that I always remember from growing up is going to the pond and catching some catfish. Folks from all over the neighborhood would come to the house for a big ol’ fish fry. Cornmeal is a staple in most of the fried fish recipes that I know of, but we’re taking it a step further to create a great crispy crust for those little fish fellers.  Continue reading Crispy Fried Catfish

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Burger Grilling Tips and Roasted Green Chile Cheeseburger

It’s summer time and that means gathering together outside around the grill and feasting on some great food. What’s a more classic summer grilling dish than a good ol’ fashioned burger? For those of you who may be a little intimidated by grilling a burger- have no fear ’cause I’ve put together some of my favorite easy tips for grilling up a juicy burger. And after you study up you can get the fire ready and put your skills to the grill with our Green Chile Cheeseburger recipe.

Get outside and share some good food and stories from the grill…

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How to Convert Recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking

You know what question I get all the time? “What is your favorite Dutch oven recipe?” Or “What is your favorite Dutch oven cookbook?”

My answer is always- nearly any recipe or cookbook can be used for Dutch oven cooking! While it may seem a little intimidating at first, all you need are a few quick tricks and tips and you can easily convert nearly any traditional conventional oven recipe into a Dutch oven recipe.

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Grilled Mexican Corn

I have shucked many an ear of corn and eaten many a bushel full in my lifetime. My favorite way to eat it is grilled. Grilling corn gives it such a different taste that really brings out the flavor of the corn in a smokey way. It’s even better when Shan puts her special Mexican spread on it with all the classic fiesta flavors of chile, cumin and lime. Give it a try when you’re needing to impress the neighbors or family.  Continue reading Grilled Mexican Corn

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What is a Cowboy? (National Day of the Cowboy)

We put this video together in honor of the National Day of the Cowboy is the last Saturday in July each year. I’m honored that Shannon and I get to share this video with ya’ll. It’s a glimpse into a lifestyle that is not forgotten but sometimes overlooked. You may not see him from the interstate but he is still out there doing his job. He’s loving what he does and how he does it. That’s cowboy. Thank you for watching.  Continue reading What is a Cowboy? (National Day of the Cowboy)