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Maintenance for Cast Iron

Maintenance for Cast Iron – Seasoning Flaking, Outside Care and More!

Are you having trouble with your  cast iron? Is your seasoning flaking? Spotting? I have some of the best tips to fix those problems and general ideas on how to periodically maintain a great seasoned cast iron skillet! How Do I Clean the Outside of Cast Iron? Well, folks, if you’re cooking inside it’s not…
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Fried Hush Puppies – Savory or Sweet , You Pick!

Today we’re going to do a classic fried hush puppy – but you get a bonus because Shan is sharing her recipe too. It’s my savory version and her sweet version so y’all can decide! 
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Refried Bean Recipe

Best Authentic Refried Bean Recipe

What’s the cowboy cooking today? Refried beans. One of my favorite dishes. When I go to eat out, a lot of times I’m disappointed, cause I’m thinking, “Did they just dump these out of the can?”. So, let’s go a traditional route and make these like I saw an ol’ Spanish cook make out near…
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Squash Casserole

Squash Casserole – Cheesy Traditional Recipe

It’s time to gather around the table ’cause we are creating something that’s summertime, right outta the garden. A yellow crookneck squash turned into something classic and great and that is a cheesy squash casserole, right from my mama’s ol’ writing.
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Grilled Salmon Recipe

Grilled Salmon Recipe – How to Grill Salmon for the Best Flavor!

Hey, folks! Thank y’all for stopping by. So, what have we got cooking there today? I got a recipe for y’all that will blow you out of the water. It is a grilled salmon with a butter brown sugar smokey glaze.    Buy the Fresh Salmon When you go to buy salmon, try to buy that…
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Grilled Steak Fajitas

Grilled Steak Fajitas – Mexican Style with Grilled Veggies

Hey, folks. Are you looking for a grilled steak fajitas recipe that you can get the most flavor out of them fresh veggies? I got the tricks and the tips here, so get the grill hot and let’s get them fajitas started. Now, we’re talking here about skirt steak. There’s skirt and there’s flank. They…
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