Knife Sharpening Tips

Thanks for stopping by the website. My name is Kent Rollins and I’ve been a chef for as long as I can remember. One of the most important things I’ve learned along the way is how to safely and effectively sharpen knives. Today I’m putting together a good list of tips and tricks to get you all set up to sharpen your own knives like a pro.

Sharpening Stone

  • The best type of knife is steel. I enjoy using Damascus steel.
  • Sharpening the edge of a knife requires a fine grit-like surface.
  • Using a wet sharpening stone will sharpen your knife beautifully.
  • Use the double nickel trick shown in the photo below so you’re using the right angle.
Use the double nickel trick to sharpen a knife
Use this angle to sharpen the edge on a diamond sharpening stone.

Knife Sharpening Stick

  • Right after sharpening, gently feel along the edge for loose little shards of steel.
  • Using the sharpening stick, you can run the knife along the edge at the same angle as you did for the sharpening stone.
  • I use this more than anything else because my knives stay sharp and I usually don’t need a stone.
  • In a pinch, you can use beveled glass like on a car window or on a piece of ceramic. Just use that double nickel angle and you’ll be just fine.
Cowboy Kent Rollins Hash Knife
Sharpen this hash knife like you would any other.

Polish the knife

When you have the sharpest knife you’ve ever had, it is time to polish your knife to a shine with a good piece of leather.

It doesn’t get much sharper than this.

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