Ribeye with Cowboy Butter

Cowboy Kent Rollins' Tomahawk Ribeye with Cowboy Butter

Howdy! If you have spent some money on a high-quality ribeye steak, you want to make sure it’s cooked perfectly. This recipe will teach you, step by step, how to grill a perfect steak. The cowboy butter recipe will enhance the flavor of the steak, complimenting jf without overpowering. If you follow the recipe, everyone…

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Ribeye Tips

Howdy everyone, and thanks for stopping by the website. I get a lot of questions from folks who want to understand the differences between different cuts of ribeye. While I know how to cook them, my friends at Certified Angus Beef are a little better at explaining what makes each cut special. Diana Clark is…

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Reverse Sear Tomahawk Ribeye

Your basic Tomahawk Steak is simply a bone-in, three-pound ribeye. In other words, a big hunk of meat. But don’t let that size intimidate you. I’ve got the tips and tricks to show you how to get outstanding smoky goodness from your Tomahawk Ribeye. Reverse (?) Seared What the heck is reverse searing? Well, we…

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