Pollo Asado

In Spanish, Pollo Asado means “Chicken on the Grill.” It’s *almost* as simple as that to whip up a delicious Mexican Fiesta in your own backyard – I’ve got all of the tips and tricks you need to take a good recipe and turn it into a great meal. We appreciate you sharing our recipes…

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Beer Can Chicken | Grilled Chicken Recipe

Kent Rollins Beer Can Chicken

Head on over to the hen house, y’all because today we’re going to make everyone’s favorite summer method of cooking a whole chicken on the smoker – beer can chicken. Beer Can Chicken I went ahead and tested several types of beer and even a Mountain Dew when I was perfecting this recipe, but I…

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Best Grilled Chicken

Kent Rollins Grilled Chicken

  No one wants to get a dry, burnt up piece of flavorless chicken off the grill or the smoker. Stick with me here and you will never serve up another disappointing piece of poultry and I’m also sharing three of my favorite chicken marinades for y’all to try out. Flatten the Chicken Here’s one…

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Grilled Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Well folks it’s grilling season. You know I like me some beef, but today we are looking at chickens, and not just any yard bird, we are grilling up some thighs. It’s an overlooked cut sometimes, a good light meat/dark meat combination with a great jalapeño honey glaze. Come on the smoker’s going!

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