Cowboy Cures Part 2 – Natural Remedies

On a wooden table rests a tomato, lime, lemon, olive oil, honey, garlic, and quaker oats!


Cowboy Cures – Part Two!

A few years back we made a video showing some of mother nature’s remedies for common ailments. Y’all responded really well to it, so we decided to make another video where we dig a little deeper and share some first aid tips and some immune boosters that we use. We aren’t doctors, so all of this advice is something you should take into consideration and talk to your doctor if you think it might help you out. These are natural remedies we have found to be tried and true!

Clean a Cut with Citrus

I didn’t say it wouldn’t burn – but if you have a cut, cut open a lime or lemon and pour some of that juice right in there to help disinfect the wound.

Make a Potato Poultice for a Burn

Grate a potato, and squeeze the juice out of it. Soak a clean cloth with the potato juice and wrap it on the burn. This can be used on the skin or over your eyes. The potato starch can help reduce swelling, draw the burn out, and reduce scarring.

Use a Tomato on a Sunburn

This is one that most people haven’t heard! Rub the tomato all over the sunburn. The juice will feel refreshing and the potassium will help clean the burn

Reduce Blood Pressure

Fresh lemon juice in warm water every morning will help lower your blood pressure and cleanse your liver.

Organic Beet Juice, about a cup every day, is good for circulation and blood pressure.

One garlic clove in a tablespoon of honey has antibiotic properties AND will reduce blood pressure!

Indigestion/Heart Burn

To reduce indigestion, drink a little Baking soda dissolved in water. This also makes a great toothpaste if you don’t have any! Just don’t use too much, because it will start to act like a laxative.

Fennel seeds – chew on them for a while and they will also help reduce indigestion.

Cough Syrup

Steep some dry thyme leaves in hot water. Add about a tablespoon of honey and sip on it while it cools. It tastes good, too!

Canker Sores

Apply a little Milk of Magnesia or Alum on the canker sores for a minute or so at a time. This will help heal the sores faster.

Insect Bites

Mix Quaker Oats with hot water and spread over the bug bite. This helps reduce itching almost immediately!

Blood Sugar

Okra is great at lowering a diabetic’s A1C.


If your body is high in uric acid, cherries are a lifesaver.


Olive oil – about a tablespoon a day – will reduce cholesterol.

Healthy Eating

Y’all know I love good, rich foods- and that’s fine! All things are good in moderation. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and staying physically active will add years on to your life and make those years higher quality and more comfortable.