6 Tasty Recipes for New Years Day!

Happy New Year! We are all still stuffed from Christmas, we partied all night on New Year’s Eve, and here we are, hungry – and maybe we have a little headache – on New Year’s Day. Here are some fantastic recipes to help you cowboy up your New Year’s traditions.

Poor Man’s Sausage

It’s a Southern tradition to have black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to bring good luck in the year ahead. Instead of just eating a spoonful, try this recipe which puts a different spin on ol’ black-eyed peas.

Free Printable Recipe for Poor Man’s Sausage

New Year’s Collard Green Soup – with Crispy Fried Cornbread

Collard Green Soup

Y’all have heard it – you gotta eat some black-eyed peas for good luck, and then something green for wealth. So, let’s combine this all together and make it a one-stop shop. This dish is good, hearty and will warm you up on the coldest day.

Free Printable Recipe for New Years Collard Green Soup – With Bacon Cornbread

John Wayne’s Corn Dodgers

Corn dodgers are a uniquely American food. Throughout the western expansion, folks were in a hurry to get to their destinations. They had to carry everything that could sustain them along the way, so dried goods like corn meal were the bulk of their diets.

Traveling over these long distances with no trading posts or truck stops along the way meant they needed to be completely self-sufficient. A corn dodger was a quick and easy recipe that could get some nourishment into the travelers and get them back on the road as fast as possible.

Free Printable Recipe for John Wayne’s Corn Dodgers

Cowboy Flan with Bourbon Caramel Sauce


Some of y’all might have some leftover Bourbon on New Year’s Day, and flan is a delicious way to ring in the new year. What makes this recipe special is the bourbon we add to the caramel sauce that tops every bite. If you’re a lover of flan, or custards of any type, you’ll love this recipe.

Free Printable Recipe for Cowboy Flan with Eureka Gold Bourbon

Egg in a Hole Breakfast Sandwich

This isn’t your mama’s Egg in a Hole sandwich. Yes, there are two pieces of bread with eggs cooked in a hole in the middle. This includes a sausage patty larger than the bread, cheese covering both sides of both bread sizes, chutney, and maybe even some chorizo if you have some laying around. If you need a big greasy breakfast on New Year’s Day, this is the recipe you want.

Free Printable Recipe for Egg in a Hole Breakfast Sandwich

Homemade Egg Nog & Egg Nog French Toast

Four thick slices of egg nog french toast are stacked crookedly on a blue enamel plate. A thick pat of butter rests on top, and maple syrup cascades down the edges of the bread, pooling at the bottom.

This one is a twofer – Homemade Egg Nog & Egg Nog French Toast. The hardest part is making sure there’s enough leftover egg nog to make the French Toast in the morning!

Free Printable Recipe for Egg Nog French Toast – Kent Rollins

We hope you’ve found what you are looking for today. If not, you can look through our hundreds of original Cowboy recipes here on our website or at Cowboy Kent Rollins – YouTube. Thank you and God bless you!

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