Dutch Oven Lid Lifters Review

A lid lifter is probably one of those tools that is a necessity when Dutch oven cooking. Sure my hands have been burned a lot and I’m pretty tough when it comes to picking up a hot skillet, but I sure ain’t tough enough to grab a Dutch oven lid full of coals!
Doing Dutch oven cooking for a living, we’ve seen our fair share of lid lifters. There are all sorts out there depending on how you’re cooking and your personal preferences. Below are three popular brands that we’ve tried out and reviewed for y’all. We also invite you to check out our full video review (below)

Lodge 16″:
I’ll just get right to it. This is the worst lid lifter we’ve had. While we like the grip, it swivels way to much from the hand that it is hard to grasp the lid well without having to do several tries. We’ve nearly pitched this one in our wood stove several times because it’s actually frustrating to use. Check it outHERE

Camp Chef 22″:
What’s nice about this lifter is the length. 22″ is a perfect length to get you away from the fire, you don’t have to bend over as much but it’s not too long to be awkward. This also has a gripping lock, with a slightly different handhold than the Lodge or Mair. We tend to prefer the handhold of the Mair better, but that just comes down to personal preference. It is also slightly less fluid than the Mair when gripping, but not drastically. Check it outHERE

Mair 14″, 22″:
Can I get aHallelujah?! Mair has done it with our favorite lid lifters. The handhold feels good and easy to grab. It features a locking system along the shaft which keeps it from swiveling. It makes for very easy control of the grip and handling the lid of a Dutch oven. We prefer the 22″ height, but the 14″ would be good if you tend to do all table Dutch oven cooking. We like it so much we started carrying them. Check out the 22″HERE