How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee

One of my favorite things to do in camp is make cowboy coffee on our ol’ wood stove, Bertha. Contrary to popular belief cowboy coffee isn’t strong, it isn’t thick and it’s the simplest thing in the world to make because it’s got three ingredients: coffee, water, fire. The biggest secret is in the boiling.
When you boil coffee you take the acid out of the bean. People who drink this coffee are hooked because they won’t have indigestion or acid reflux. It’s not one of those drip drop, spittin’ and spewing coffeemakers. Those don’t get water hot enough to do any good.  So, if you want to make coffee and you want it to be the best coffee ever…boil it.
Let’s start by filling a 3 quart coffee pot with water just under the spout. I like to use graniteware or enamel coffee pots, but you can even do this is a saucepan or pot. This is the kind of pot we use at the house: For larger pots, like the ones we use on the wagon, check out Ebay or antique and junk stores.

Now you want to let the water warm over a high heat. When it’s warm go ahead and add the coffee grounds – about ¾ cup. 
Now you want it to come to a good rolling boil.I’m not talking bubbling, but rolling for about 2 to 3 minutes.
After that, take the pot off the heat and let it set a minute to settle. Pour about ½ to 2/4 cup of cold water down the spout.Why cold water? The cold water settles all the grounds to the bottom of the pot. That’s it! Now some folks will claim cowboy coffee is the kind that you put the grounds in a sock, or drop an egg in it to settle the grounds. True cowboy coffee just requires a little cold water and somewhere to enjoy it.
3 quart coffee pot
¾ cup grounds
½ – ¾ cup cold water

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