Good Gravy!

Life, like gravy, just takes a little stirring to get it all smoothed out.

Growing up I learned to cook from the best- Mama, aunts, uncles, old ranch cooks, etc. One thing they taught me was they never used a recipe. Cooking was all about sight, touch, smell and taste. I learned to measure with a dab, a pinch and a little bit more. Now for some folks, including my wife, this is tricky.
White gravy was always one of those dishes that never had a recipe. I never measured the amounts- it just called for milk, grease, flour, salt and pepper… and you just stir until it’s right. Well, Shannon finally told me I had to come up with a measurable recipe for gravy. Yes dear.
Now I ain’t making no promises that you won’t have to alter this a little. Gravy can be a temperamental little bugger. But never give up on a batch of gravy, because it can always be brought back to life. Just do it like Mama, with love, and it’ll all work out.
Watch the step by step video….