2017 Gift Guide

Each year Shan and I try to put together some gift-giving options, since coming up with new ideas is sometimes hard. These are just a few things that we’ve enjoyed that might help you out when giving the gift for the Cowboy, the Cook or the Cowgirl. 

For the Cowboy…


Moore Maker KnivesBased out of Matador, Texas, these knives are quality and built tough. They offer a variety of types and styles from bone and horn handle to hunting knives. Nearly every cowboy I’ve met in my life has owned one at one time or another because of their quality. Find them here: MooreMaker.com

Brenn Hill Music: Brenn is one of the great balladeers of Western music. His songs are reminiscent of the old classics while blending in a modern take on the cowboy lifestyle. He will take you across the Western landscape and even through some historical tales of outlaws and heroes. Our top pics are “Campfire Collection” and “Ode to Selway,” he also has a Christmas album. Brenn’s albums are available on iTunes and at brennhill.com

Trail Drivers of Texas by J. Marvin Hunter: This is a unique piece of history describing the great cattle drives of Texas from those who rode it. It’s a collection from the perspective of different cowboys and even cooks along the trail. The book isn’t in print anymore but you can find it on eBay and some online bookstores (just research for best pricing). For the Western History lover this is highly recommended. Amazon.com listing: http://amzn.to/2k9WBSR

Andy Nelson Cowboy Poet and Humorist: A farrier based out of Pinedale, Wyoming, Andy is first of all just a great feller- the kind you think “I just need to be friends with that guy.” But not only that- he’s probably one of the funniest cowboy entertainers I’ve come across. His CDs are a blend of humorous cowboy calamities mixed in with touching stories about family, God and life’s little treasures. He also has a book called “Riding with Jim” with stories growing up with his dad blended with cowboy cartoons by Bonnie Shields.  Our recommendations: Christmas album, “Santa’s Hired Hand” and “I Won.” Shop here: http://www.cowpokepoet.com/publications.html

For the Cook…


Field Cast Iron Skillet: I’m a fan of the old antique cast iron like Griswold and Wagner- it was smooth iron and lighter weight than newer stuff these days. However, I think I found a new favorite. The Field cast iron skillet is a newly launched product from two brothers, made in the USA, and is so reminiscent of the good old iron. I highly recommend it and the next day after taking it out of the package I slid an egg out of it- no smoothing needed. You can view our full review HERE. Shop for the Skillet: https://fieldcompany.com

Dehydrator: A dehydrator is a great gift for the cook and even the hunter. My son just got finished making a bunch of deer jerky. I think it’s one of those things that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself but is great for preserving foods and experimenting with new recipes. Our brand picks: Nesco, Excalibur and Cabelas. 

Propane Torch: This may seem like an odd idea, but it’s my all-time favorite way to start a fire and I get asked a lot my favorite method. I sure hate the taste of lighter fluid and don’t mess around with two sticks- this propane torch will get a fire started quickly. Perfect for the Dutch oven cook or griller. Also available in smaller handheld sizes. Search: “Propane Torch” or “Weed Burner.” We got ours here: http://amzn.to/2Bts078

Hash Knife: Y’all know I have a favorite kitchen tool- my old hash knife. It was given to me by a Texas Ranger that belonged to his grandmother. You don’t find too many of them anymore so we had a good feller up in Indiana, Tom Willoughby, start making these for us out of old saw blades. Comfortable handle and a great edge that is easy to sharpen this is a cooking piece of history as used on the old trail drives.  Shop here: kentrollins.comIf you’re interested in other products by Tom you can like his facebook page HERE 


For the Cowgirl…


Yeti Coffee Cup: I can never finish a cup of coffee quickly and this keeps the drink warm all day- perfect cup size and I love the added handle. Offered in six colors. Shop major retailers or Yeti.com

Melinda Horn of Bunkhouse Studio creates very unique copper and silver jewelry. I have a couple of her pieces and I love how she blends metal with jewels and stones and she won’t break the bank with her creative designs. Shop her Facebook store here: https://www.facebook.com/Bunkhousestudio15/

Sola Wood Flowers: Give a floral gift that will last forever! These flowers are made from wood in a bold variety of colors. Sola Wood offers wholesale bulk flowers to create your own arrangements or you can search sites like Etsy for some designers who have bouquets and arrangements already made. Find Sola Wood here: https://solawoodflowers.com or search “Sola Wood Flower Arrangement” in Etsy

Cactus planner: I love anything cactus… and I like to be organized (or at least I try). A yearlong gift with a  life planner by Erin Condren. This website offers hundreds of different designs and layouts as well as many accessories like stickers, dividers, holders, and more. Check out all the styles here: https://www.erincondren.com