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Howdy, y’all! My favorite meal to go out and eat has got to be breakfast, hands down. Every once in a while I get questions about which of our recipes people ask about or tell us that they make all the time. Shannon and I went back through all of the years to pick our best breakfast videos. These recipes not only help you make a great plate of food, but all contain tips that will take your breakfast to the next level.

Kent Rollins Mountain Man Breakfast

Mountain Man Breakfast

The first recipe I wanted to talk about is the Mountain Man Breakfast. This is probably the most popular meal I would cook out on the trail, especially on days when we might be moving camp. Some of those days, these cowboys would only get time to eat one meal. I had to come up with something that was going to fill them up and stick to their ribs so that they’d make it until the next meal without slowing them down none. This mountain man breakfast does just that.

This breakfast is a one-pot meal, which means it’s about perfect for camp, too. It consists of hash browns, eggs both scrambled and over easy, bacon, sausage, onions and peppers, and two types of cheese. The best thing about this is that you can just use what you have. I like to take some good center cut pork chops, cook them until they’re just about done, then dice and add to the sausage and bacon. And there is just no better look than a bright, fresh, over easy egg on top ready to eat while the cheese bubbles up all around the sides.

Tip: Add refried beans under the meat or the eggs, and serve with tortillas for a delicious twist on a classic.

Find the entire recipe and video here:

Crispy Hash Browns

Crispy hash browns must be something that everyone was wanting to learn, because we’ve had over 4 million views of our Crispy Hash Brown How To video. The secret? Use clarified butter to fry the hash browns in. If you want to buy the stuff, it’s called ghee and you can buy it most everywhere they sell butter. It’s easy to make on your own if you like, just watch the video and voila!

The other essential step you must take is rinsing off all of the starch and drying really well. Don’t try to just dry with a paper towel, no. You need to get a good cheesecloth or tea towel and continue to fold the potato shreds around until they are bone dry.

Tip: Place the shredded potatoes in a bowl of water. Strain out the water and refill over again until the starch is gone. The water will remain clear. Then, dry the hash browns very well.

The last trick is to use a well fit lid while cooking over low heat. You don’t need a lid that came with the cast iron. You can turn another skillet on top, use another skillet top, or use any other clean piece of metal or wood or whatever that will hold the heat inside the pan and cook those taters through.

Find the original recipe and video for Crispy Hash Browns here:

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros
Enjoy los Huevos Rancheros – the Rancher’s Eggs!

Every time I eat huevos rancheros it takes me back in time to Silver City, New Mexico in the 1980s. I learned some about this recipe from an old Mexican cook and it is all about the red sauce.

First off, lets talk bacon grease. Cook the tortillas in a little bacon grease. It will make all the difference. Use fresh eggs, and you’re off to a good start. Then move on to the red sauce.

The red sauce is made of Roma tomatoes (no other will do), guajillo chilies, garlic, onion, and I like to add a serrano pepper as well. The reason you want to use Roma tomatoes is that it doesn’t have as much water content, so the sauce will be thicker and have more flavor when you blend everything all together.

Tip: For a little kick, use a chile de árbol for some heat and authentic Mexican flavor.

Serve up the fried corn tortillas, some over easy eggs, and spoon sauce over the top. Everyone will leave the table feeling full.

Find the entire recipe and video for Huevos Rancheros here:

Best Ever Scrambled Eggs

Shannon reminded me that sometimes people are just looking to learn a fool proof way to make something simple and delicious. Let me tell you, if you want the fluffiest, most delicious scrambled eggs, you need to watch this video.

The secret? Mayonnaise and heavy whipped cream. Whip them together until they are smooth, no lumps. Whisk the fresh eggs in, and then cook over low heat. Continually fold the eggs over and over until they are cooked through. Some folks like their eggs slightly moist and other folks like them super dry, but no one likes them burnt.

Tip: Don’t crack the egg on the side of the pan. You’re just going to get the outside all messy and you might get egg shells in the scrambled eggs. Crack on a hard edge that’s easily cleaned.

Scrambled eggs are best when cooked in a very long time seasoned cast iron skillet. Check out our cast iron playlist HERE.

Find the entire recipe and video here:

Cowboy Coffee

So many of you first came to our website or YouTube Channel to learn how to make Cowboy Coffee. It’s the best method for camp coffee, but even more than that it is the smoothest, most flavorful coffee you’re ever going to drink.

Find the original video here:

Not only can you check out how to make the coffee here at the website, you can now come and have a cup made for you at the Kent Rollins Coffee Shop in Wellington, Texas. Not only can you grab some coffee, but there’s a great area out in the back for live cooking classes and demonstrations. Grab you some lunch while you’re at it, and hopefully Shannon and I will see you there.

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