Australian Damper Bread

Kent Rollins Traditional Australian Damper

G’day, mate! We’re having a great day at camp down under and … what? Why am I talking funnier than usual? Well, as y’all know, America isn’t the only place on the globe with a good number of cowboys and people who cook outside on fires. We have a lot of subscribers and active viewers…

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Porterhouse Cast Iron Steak

Hey folks, do you know what two of my all time favorites things are? Well I can guarantee one isn’t tofu! It’s cast iron and beef and to be more specific steak! I do love to grill a steak, but a thing that gives steak a great flavor and sear along with fire is a…

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Perfect 10-minute Cast Iron Filet

It’s intimidating, right? This little filet feller. It’s a thick cut and it’s a little pricey so you sure don’t want to mess it up. Well folks we’ve got an easy fool proof method to fixing up this cut and the best part- it only takes 10 minutes.   So let’s get some beef, cast…

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