Breakfast Enchiladas

A white plate with red trim holds an enchilada covered with a sunny side up egg

When Shannon and I are cooking breakfast for cowboys out on the trail, we feed them a meal that will fuel them all day long so they can focus on the job they’ve been hired to do. Breakfast enchiladas do the trick AND they can be started the night before.  Breakfast enchiladas can be served…

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Authentic Cheese Enchiladas

Today we are going to make cheese enchiladas with a red sauce that is going to have so much authentic, traditional flavor it will be the best thing you’ve ever seen. Way back in 1984, I was guiding an elk hunt near Silver City, New Mexico. We found this little authentic Mexican restaurant way down…

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Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

I sort of  got a foul outlook on this episode today, but its in a good way. What am I talking about? Today we will be cooking up Green Chile Chicken Cheese Enchiladas. So Come on and join us the cheese is a melting and I ain’t waiting.

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