Cowboy Coffee

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Kent’s exclusive coffee is a smooth medium roast of Columbian, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans to create the perfect cup whether you’re around the campfire or at home.


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    16 ounce

    Ingredients: Ethiopian, Brazilian and Colombian Coffee Beans (whole/ground)

    This coffee comes in ground or whole beans. It is recommended not to freeze the grounds unless storing over 6 months.

    Recommended use:

    For cowboy coffee (boiled) and drip: use 2.5 tablespoons grounds per 1 cup of water. For cowboy coffee, add about 1 tablespoon of cold water to allow the grounds to settle. Adjust as needed

    Additional information

    Weight1 lbs
    Dimensions3.5 × 2.5 × 7 in

    Ground, Whole Bean

    4 reviews for Cowboy Coffee

    1. Roy Foster

      I am compelled, after 50 + years of drinking various national and local coffee brands, to say “Cowboy Coffee” simply tastes delicious! Kent and Shannon, you have a real fine product, which my daughter brought me to sample. It is perfectly blended and roasted NOT to the point of being burnt! Thank You so much for letting us have a choice of whole bean and ground. I’ve ordered ten (10) pounds today for both her and me. We go through quite a portion of these beans and due to popularity, look forward to the added convenience of your purchasing your products in our local Atwoods Home and Ranch stores. God Bless and keep that fire hot.

    2. Franklyn Smith

      I found Kent’s youtube channel probably a few years ago while looking up some recipes. I think it was homemade Hashbrowns. Have always liked the videos that are made. And then decided to visit the store and saw this coffee and thought I’d give it a try. Up here in the Northwest (WA State) people are coffee snobs (Thankfully I’m not one of em) but everyone I know who I’d given a cup of this coffee to enjoyed it more then any other place they have. I really enjoy the coffee too since its very smooth and easy for me to drink. I usually save it for special occasions since its a bit pricey for me. But definitely well worth it!

    3. Dustn Tarditi (verified owner)

      This coffee is amazing – so smooth and easy to drink.
      I got the pre-ground and enjoy really enjoy it – I’ve tried many others – store brands, artisan beans, Starbucks, Dunkin (a favorite), Black Rifle, etc.
      I’m not into overly bold or bitter coffee, and this hits the spot perfectly!

    4. Zach Schirmbeck (verified owner)

      Love watching Kent’s videos and wanted to try out the cowboy coffee. Smoothest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. It was so good I bought two more bags.

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