Smoked and Crispy Fried Whole Chicken

Kent Rollins' Smoked and Fried Chicken or Cornish Game Hens

The most delicious way to cook a whole chicken is to get a great smoke flavor all over the chicken and then fry it up to be as crispy as possible. You can use a whole chicken or a Cornish game hen. The end product will be so tasty that your family won’t want to…

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Chicken Fajitas

Howdy folks, and thanks for stopping by the website! Fajitas are always one of the most requested food items when you go to any Mexican restaurant, and it’s because of that amazing sizzle factor. A piping hot cast iron mini-skillet is brought to your table with all the fixin’s around it and that delicious smoked…

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Beer Can Chicken | Grilled Chicken Recipe

Kent Rollins Beer Can Chicken

Head on over to the hen house, y’all because today we’re going to make everyone’s favorite summer method of cooking a whole chicken on the smoker – beer can chicken. Beer Can Chicken I went ahead and tested several types of beer and even a Mountain Dew when I was perfecting this recipe, but I…

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Nashville Smoked Chicken Legs

It’s time to spice up some yard bird and throw him on the smoker. What I love about them chicken legs is that they come with a handle which makes for easy eating!

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Smoked Chicken – Sweet and Spicy

Today’s recipe is for smoked chicken with a great rub that brings together crispy flavors from the Southwest, a little sweet and a little heat. I’ve had a lot of requests to use the Pit Barrel Cooker again, so today we’re going to use it to smoke a yard bird. And, I’m talking about chicken.…

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