Party Ribs – 3 Hour Rib Recipe!

Delicious party ribs covered in caramelized custom sauce by Kent Rollins

Want to serve delicious smoked ribs in just three hours, start to finish? Look no further, the cowboy’s got you taken care of! This is an easy recipe, full of tips and tricks so you can sleep in and still serve ribs for lunch. Prepare the Ribs Get a nice rack of baby back ribs,…

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Corn Cob Smoked Ribs

Corn Cob Smoked Ribs A good friend of mine in South Dakota sent me a message recently. He told me that they regularly use leftover corn cobs as fuel and flavor to smoke ribs. Naturally, I had to try it out. When it comes to smoking ribs, you don’t have to ask me twice!  …

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Corn Ribs

What are Corn Ribs?   Corn Ribs are a totally different way to grill corn on the cob. To prepare the corn for grilling, slice off the top and bottom edges of the corn cob. From there, you’ll cut vertically down the center in quarters, leaving the cob on the back of each piece of…

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