How to Perfectly Cook Rice

Kent Rollins Perfect Rice

Howdy ya’ll, and thanks for stopping by the website. As you know, we have been taking our Sunday videos back to the basics. As you work on perfecting the way you cook simple ingredients, you take your culinary skills up a notch. Today, for example, we are slowing down and taking the time to make…

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Red Beans and Rice

Kent Rollins Red Beans and Rice

It’s finally fall outside here in Oklahoma and I am ready for some comfort food. I may be in Oklahoma today, but my taste buds are going to take a trip to Louisiana. I’ve got a good pound of dry kidney beans sorted and soaking and I’m ready to get a move on. Laissez les…

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Dirty Rice

Justin Wilson’s famous dirty rice with a cowboy twist, come on folks let’s take a trip down to the Bayou!

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