Arby’s Roast Beef and Cheddar

Kent Rollins' Arby's Roast Beef and Cheddar Copy Cat Remake

Howdy folks, and thank you for stopping by the website! As always, the printed recipe is included at the bottom of this blog post. Keep reading for tips & tricks to create your very own Arby’s Roast Beef and Cheddar sandwich! Some of our most popular videos of all time have been remakes of popular…

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McDonald’s French Fries Remake

Kent Rollins McDonald's French Fries

Howdy y’all and do we have a treat for you today. For over a year I have tested, experimented, dreamed about, and anguished over this here recipe. Y’all, I HAVE DONE IT. I have recreated the perfect McDonald’s French Fry. Now, this is not their recipe – that recipe is locked up tight and guarded…

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Cowboy Baconator

Howdy everyone! Thanks for stopping by the website. I went up to the Drive-thru window at the local Wendy’s restaurant earlier today and picked up a favorite of mine – The Baconator. Sometimes, I really want to eat one of these burgers, but the closest Wendy’s to the ranch is 80 miles. Y’all know me…

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