Apple Dumplings

Cowboy Kent Rollins' Apple Dumplings with Cinnamon Whiskey Drizzle

These apple dumplings are so tender and delicious. Tart slices of green apple are wrapped in cinnamon-sugar dusted crescent rolls, and cooked in a bubbling whiskey cinnamon sauce. Believe it or not, this is a pretty easy meal to make at camp, if you’ve got a Dutch oven and a fire. Don’t worry – the…

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Old Fashioned Fried Pies

I love me a sweet, fried pie at the end of a long day, I do. This recipe is two parts and isn’t as hard as you think. I’ve got a recipe for pie crust that is so good and doesn’t take much time to make. Combine that with a delicious homemade apple pie filling…

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Banana Pudding

Kent Rollins' Banana Pudding

This recipe, almost above all others, is one of those recipes that brings nostalgia to those who grew up in the Southern United States. Just about every church potluck and family reunion or gathering of any sort had a tray or two of this sweet, chilled dessert. Needless to say, Shannon and I’ve made quite…

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