Media/Podcast Requests

Please note, we receive a lot of requests… make yours unique!


Your audience and our audience should overlap so the content we produce together is relevant. If it doesn’t overlap why do you think we’re a good fit?

Please, take a few minutes to examine our content. Have we created anything similar to the topic you plan? Do you have a specific topic or angle you want to discuss?

Craft an intriguing subject line

The subject line of your email is the only information we initially see, so make it good.

Bad subject line:  Please come on my podcast or Interview Request


Write a compelling pitch

Please note, we receive dozens of pitches to appear on podcasts/interviews. Your pitch has to be unique and exciting if you expect to get our attention.

Generalized pitches/templates will not be responded to.

Keep your pitch brief. Explain what type of format(s) are you offering (podcast, video, etc). Please include your following stats as well (email list, social, etc).

Provide lots of value

What value can you offer? How will our audience and your audience benefit?