Cowboy Cures and Camp Essentials

I get questions all the time about what my go-to essentials are on the wagon. You, a chuck wagon cook was more than a cook going down the trail and it hasn’t changed on my wagon. The cook is a doctor, philosophy, dentist and barber.

Often being miles away from a town and doctor for that matter, cookie has to have some tricks up his sleeve to cure a host of ailments. I’m going to go through my cowboy cures and must haves with y’all today. So without further ado, here are some tried and true wagon cures.


#1 Cowboy cure for the flu

This is one of my favorites. It’s like a magic pill in a bottle that you don’t need a prescription for. Strep throat, ear aches, or the flu, just take a garlic clove and chew that little rascal up. Be sure to have some food in your stomach.

#2 Cowboy cure for a cough

Honey, whiskey, and lemon added to your hot cup of coffee (or tea) works like a charm to cure that pesky cough.

#3 Spider bites

If you’ve been bitten by a spider, put a copper penny right on top of the bite, tape it up and leave it on over night. The copper will pour out some poison. The older the penny the more copper in it.

#4 Bee or scorpion stings

Now if you’ve been stung by a scorpion, wasp, hornet, etc make a paste with meat tenderizer and water, rub it onto the bite, wrap it up and leave it on there. If you ain’t got any meat tenderizer, tobacco works well too.

#5 Sunburn

If you ain’t got an aloe vera plant or cacti around, white vinegar works like a charm to heal a sunburn.


I’ve got more homemade cures and camp essentials in my video, so don’t miss it, watch the whole thing, folks! There’s even an exclusive $5 offer for you folks from the Dollar Shave Club. Even cowboys need to shower and shave, so check it out.