3 Easy Ways to Sharpen a Knife without a Sharpener

Hey, is your knife dull – but you ain’t got a sharpener on you? There’s been a lot of times I’ve been out on the wagon or off camping somewhere and I had a knife that needed sharpening but didn’t have any tools with me.
You know there ain’t nothing I hate worse than a dull knife.  But here are 3 easy ways to sharpen your knife without a sharpener.
#1:Use the  rounded edge of a crock jar or the underside of a ceramic coffee mug. Whip it around the edge and it’ll sharpen up.
#2:Use a piece of flat leather and run it back and forth to polish and sharpen your steel.
#3And my favorite method… the window of your car or pick-up. Roll the window down and use the beveled glass at the top of the window to slide your knife down on. If you’ve got a vehicle- you’ll never be without a sharpener!
Use one of these easy tricks and you’ll never be in a bind with a dull knife.
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