Easiest 1 Hour Yeast Rolls

Your favorite yeast rolls just got a whole lot easier to make! This recipe will take one hour from the moment you start proofing to the moment you pull hot, fluffy, delicious rolls out of the oven. We appreciate you sharing our recipes with your friends and family! 5 Minutes to Proof The secret to…

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Homemade Bread

Kent Rollins Sliced Homemade Bread Cooked in a Dutch oven

Howdy, folks! This week’s recipe is about honoring the simple things in life. What is more satisfying and comforting to a family more than a homemade loaf of bread? I have a simple, four-ingredient recipe for a loaf of bread that could be found on a table generations ago, yet is just as delicious and…

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Braided Onion French Bread

Last week we shared with y’all our favorite fall soup recipes. But we got to thinking, what goes great with soup? Homemade bread! Shan is sharing her savory onion french bread recipe. Folks, when this thing gets to baking it gives off the best blend of onion and homemade bread.

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