Original Seasoning 17 oz.

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Our Original blend was first created as a steak rub, but then we got to using it on everything but the coffee and the biscuits! This is a perfect all-purpose seasoning and/or meat rub. It will replace your salt and pepper routine. A salt and pepper base with a just hint of citrus, this will be a go-to seasoning.

Great on: eggs, meat, mac and cheese, seasoned flour and more!

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17 oz. plastic bottle

Ingredients: salt, spices (including celery), sugar, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, lemon peel, corn starch, maltodextrin, paprika, citric acid, turmeric, extractives of paprika, extractives of turmeric (color), lemon oil, and not more than 2% sunflower oil added as a processing aid. Gluten Free

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17 oz., 33 oz.

17 reviews for Original Seasoning 17 oz.

  1. J.R. Hutcheson

    The best all purpose seasoning I have come across to date, it has an addictive flavor and I am anxious and hopeful for it to be back in stock soon.

    • Kent Rollins

      thank you JR!

  2. James B

    Tried it at my brother’s house for a barbecue and it was amazing! Can’t wait to have it again.

  3. Beverly

    The best seasoning ever! We use it on everything. I check the site almost daily to see if it’s back in stock. 🙂

  4. ronnie boyles

    I love it

  5. ronnie boyles

    I love it from nc

  6. ronnie boyles

    it is the best

  7. ronnie boyles


  8. Terry Williams

    If there was a way to give this more stars, I would. The original seasoning is my own “secret weapon” for grilling. We have friends over often and because of the success I have had with this seasoning, I usually will grill chicken thighs. Just about without fail, people ask me how I cooked the chicken to get it so delicious. I really don’t want to tell them because it is so simple. “I use Kent Rollins original rub”. Doesn’t sound impressive but it is. I grill on a Kamado style cooker, which I think helps, but the seasoning is the star. I have tried other brands, nothing has come close. I sound like an advertisement for Kent, and I am. If you have not wanted to try it because you have to order it and have it shipped, put your concerns aside and do it. OR!!!! I noticed today that Atwoods is now carrying his products. I am going to go get a few of the other seasonings that I have not tried yet. Thank you Kent and Shannon for the for the fun and informative Youtube videos. — and the seasoning.

  9. Jeff Welch

    I bought this seasoning around Christmas, and I thought that I’d never get through it, because the container is pretty big. I was wrong. I use it on everything, and I will have to order another before long. My absolute favorite all purpose seasoning, and it is SO good on eggs, beef, chicken, onions—pretty much everything.

  10. Eric Ross

    By far of my kids and I favorite seasoning. Like it so much I purchased the larger size. I use it daily and love it!!

  11. Kathryn (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Just ordered 2 more. New order of the mesquite is next.

  12. Dwayne Harris (verified owner)

    I have been in the hunt for a good season. I have tried alot. Some I like and some I didn’t. Some too pricy. I purchase the original season alone with the rib rub, This past weekend I use the Original on a whole bird. I must say that favor is awesome. Original. That is. Wife and friends enjoyed it . so much. On the fourth I use your rib rub on a five hour smoke. I only wish that I had purchase your bbq sauce. I know now my search for seasonings and a excellent rub is over. I also purchase both towels. I use them drying I must say they do not disappoint. Good products.

  13. Terri Stanley

    This is my husband’s GO TO seasoning for grilling and we just LOVE it!! The flavors are fantastic- Great price and a great product- we would recommend it to everyone!

  14. David Walker

    This stuff is fit to enhance the flavor of anything that humans can consume. My chuck box in not complete without it.

  15. Maureen McGrath (verified owner)

    I received my order so fast! It delicious, after tasting it I can see it will be delicious on most all of my smoked meats!

  16. Craig Alderman (verified owner)

    I used this for the griddle as well as the grill. On just about any recipe I try, this adds flavor and a great taste. Kent’s cookbook is a also a treasure chest of great ideas for all his spices and sauces, grab a copy along with this original seasoning like I did and totally enjoy his trail of taste. You will not be disappointed.

  17. Craig Alderman (verified owner)

    Latest update, just had to revisit the review. I used this seasoning today on hard boiled cackle berries for breakfast. Look out, just fantastic. Then my wife made sweet corn on the cob for lunch, put butter on, then the seasoning nothing else, this is a happy dance seasoning!! BOOM, It was a phenomenal taste with the sweet corn. I’m tellin ya, buy this and you will find a new joy in “fine dining”.

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