All-American Grilled Burger Dog

If y’all can’t decide what to throw on the grill- a burger or a hotdog, we’ve got you covered. Burger Dog! It’s the perfect thing to throw on the grill this Memorial Day or just to celebrate the start of grilling season!

Starting with Burger Meat

Now, you need to start off with some good hamburger meat. I ain’t wanting you to get that 90/10 – you need to get that good 80/20 blend, so there is some fat content for a juicy burger.  

Burger Dog

Roll the meat thin and right size.


I’m using Certified Angus Beef today, which are in 1/2 pound patties. Place the patties in between some waxed paper or plastic wrap and roll out into about 1/8-inch thick circles. I like to give the patties a little seasoning with our Red River Ranch Original Seasoning.

I have some good roasted Hatch green chilis, that I’ll lay right down there in the middle. Now, if you don’t have access to green chilis you can also use the whole canned kind.  

Burger Dog

Make sure the meat is the right size.


We have grilled up some Nathan’s hot dogs to go on next. Be sure you give them a little char and you have to get the bun-length kind otherwise they won’t be long enough for this recipe. 

Go ahead and place that grilled dog right on top of the green chili.  


Tuck and Roll


Burger Dog

Tuck and roll. Make sure it’s sealed well.


It’s sort of like we’re at the sushi restaurant, because we need to tuck and roll this hamburger meat around the hot dog. 

Roll it over, tuck tight and just go to mashing it slightly around the dog. Pull out the bag, roll again, pull it out, roll again. Seal around the ends and give it another shake of seasoning.

See this in action in our how-to video below. 

Time to Grill

Burger Dog

Grill every side of the burger dog.


I’m using a good hot mesquite wood wire. I’ve also cleaned and oiled the grill well.  Make sure your grill is hot. If you can hold your hand over the grill for more that  5 seconds, it ain’t hot enough folks. 

As you begin to see it brown around the edges, you can then roll it over.  Continue rolling around every few minutes until you get a good even browning. Don’t worry, it’ ain’t going to hurt it to roll it around as much as you need. When you slightly press down, and the juices run clear, it’s pretty close to being done. 

Burger Dog

When ready, they are good, brown and juicy.

Let’s Put the Burger Dog Together

I like to put a little butter on some good hoagie buns and toast the inside. After that flip them over and top with some grated cheese and let that melt slightly. 

Burger Dog

Put some cheese on the hot bun and let it melt a little.


Well, there you have it! Now, you can dress these burger dogs up with onions, pickles, tomatoes… whatever you wanna put on it. Me, I like it just like it is.

This is the best of three worlds combined: beef, hot dog and green chilis.  

Burger Dog

Enjoy the All-American Grilled Burger Dog!


We sure appreciate you stopping by and hope this recipe finds its way on to your grill this Memorial day or anytime this summer because it’s the perfect time to get the grill hot! 

All-American Burger Dog - Cowboy Kent Rollins


  • 4 all beef bun-length hotdogs
  • 2 lbs. 80/20 ground beef
  • 4 green chiles roasted and peeled or 1 -2 cans whole green chiles
  • 4 hoagie buns
  • butter
  • 1 - 2 cups shredded cheese
  • Kent Rollins' Original Seasoning or salt and pepper


  • Grill the hotdogs until slightly charred on a hot and oiled grill. Set aside. 
  • Separate the ground beef into 4 equal patties. Place one patty in between plastic wrap and roll out into a circle about 1/8-inch thick. Repeat with the remaining patties. Season, to taste with the Red River Ranch Original or salt and pepper.
  • Place a green chili in the middle of the patty and place a hotdog on top. Using the plastic wrap, roll the hamburger meat around the hotdog. Pinch the ends to seal. Season again, to taste. 
  • Place the dogs on a well oiled and cleaned grill over medium-high to high heat. Grill until evenly browned and the juices run clear, rolling around as needed. Be sure not to mash the dog while grilling, which will release the juices. 
  • Meanwhile, lightly butter the inside of the hoagie rolls and toast over the grill. Flip over and top with cheese. Keep on the grill until the cheese melts slightly. Top with the burger dogs and serve immediately topped with your favorite condiments. 
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!