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Get Better Flavor from your Gas Grill


You know me – I love to build a fire, but sometimes it’s more convenient to use a gas grill. And for some of you, you may only have a gas grill. So, I’m going to give you a trick on how to get more flavor out of that gas grill.

1. Cut wood rounds pieces into about 1-inch thick (like coasters). I prefer mesquite because we have a lot of it here in Southwest Oklahoma, but you can use any good hardwood you prefer.

2. Soak the wood pieces in water for about 30 minutes.

3. Place about 4-6 pieces of the wood on the grill with the burners on high. Shut the lid and let them start smoking. This may take awhile for them to get going maybe up to 20 minutes. Just keep checking them. Note: some of them may start to catch fire- just squirt them with a water bottle or blow out and keep in the grill until all the pieces are smoking well.

4. Once the pieces are smoking, turn the outside burners on low and move the wood pieces to the outer edges of the grill. Keep the middle burner on medium-high to high heat for grilling.

5. Clean the grill and place whatever you’re grilling in the middle.

6. Shut the lid and grill. The smoke that is generated will create some good flavor in your food.

7. Be sure to check the wood to make sure they don’t light on fire. You can blow them out, or you can completely turn off the outside burners, just be sure the pieces keep smoking.


I think the biggest trick is to make sure you cut the wood at least 1-inch thick and try to cut them all the same size.


Like I mentioned, I use mesquite a lot or sometimes an oak for beef, pork, wild game, etc. But if you want to get a really good taste for anything with fins or feathers I recommend trying a fruit wood like peach, apple or cherry. If you’re wanting a really good, rich, hearty smoked flavor you can try hickory. But it’s got to be a hard wood to get a good flavor.



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