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Storage Tips for Cast Iron

Cast iron is tough stuff, but you have to take care of it if it’s going to last and also to maintain it’s flavor and seasoning. Proper storage is an important method in keeping cast iron performing at it’s best. Whether you’re putting your cast iron up for the season or just a few days we’ve got some tips listed below that should help you out.

Tip 1: Clean and Dry

Making sure your cast iron is clean and dry is the first step before storing. Remove any debris, food, etc. Be sure the cast iron is dry and re-seasoned before storing for short or longer periods of time.

Tip 2: Air Wick

Cast iron has to breath during storage. This will prevent the seasoning from becoming rancid. We like to hang skillets on a wall. For Dutch ovens, place a piece of paper towel or newspaper between the oven and lid.

Tip 3: Add a little dry rice

For folks living in more humid climates we recommend sprinkling a little dry rice in the bottom of a Dutch oven on top of using an air wick. The rice will absorb any added moisture during storage.

Tip 4: Charcoal

You can also add a little charcoal to the bottom of a Dutch oven. It will absorb moisture and also absorb any unwanted odors.

Tip 5: Paper Sack

If you don’t have a spot to hang skillets (that bugs, etc. won’t get to) you can wrap them in a paper sack and zip tie it closed. The paper sack will absorb moisture and keep critters out!


See these tips in action! Watch the Video…