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No Stick- Cast Iron Skillet Omelette

I’ve heard a lot of folks say, “I like cast iron, but you sure can’t cook an omelette or an egg in one.” Now that sure isn’t true. Good, seasoned cast iron can cook anything in it and we’re going to tell you the trick.
I like to use my 8-inch cast iron skillet for one omelette, but you can use any size. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to the skillet and melt over medium heat.
In a small bowl add 2 eggs or what I like to callhen fruitorcackleberries.
Now, a trick is to add 1 tablespoon of cold water per egg.  What that does is steam the eggs as they cook which will prevent them from sticking on your skillet.
Stir that up with a little salt and pepper and pour it into your preheated skillet.
Beforehand, I’ll brown up a little bacon and chop it. I also like to add diced green onion, bell peppers or whatever y’all like in your omelette. Sprinkle your mixture on top of the eggs.
The edges of the eggs will start to separate from the skillet and firm up a little, they will also begin to loosen from the skillet – this is when you’ll want to flip one side over. This will be around the 2 minute point.
Once you’ve flipped it,  let that cook another minute or so, until the eggs are set.
I’m not a fancy chef, and I’ve told you you can’t get full on fancy – but you can cook a mighty mean cackleberry omelette in a piece of cast iron if it’s well seasoned.  The water, I think is what makes the eggs light and fluffy to me.
Let us show you exactly how we work this trick…Watch the How-To Video: