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Quick Set Sourdough Starter Recipe

Sourdough was always a staple on a chuck wagon, and we still use it today on our wagon. The problem I found with traditional sourdough is that it is pretty high maintenance. You have to feed it, stir it, read it a bedtime story. You can’t even go on vacation without making sure someone can babysit the dog and the starter.
I altered my grandmother’s recipe for sourdough starter to make it easier and low maintenance. This starter recipe you don’t have to constantly feed and it’s ready in just 12 to 24 hours! Since it’s so quick to make, I usually keep it a week and a time and throw it out. Or just make it for one recipe and throw it out and make another only when you need it. You don’t have to keep this starter constantly going.
I recommend using a 1 to  1 1/2 gallon crock jar. If you don’t have a crock jar, you can also use the ceramic insert from a CrockPot. Don’t use metal! Check antique stores, Ebay or type in “crock jar” in google for search result.
4 cups warm water1 package dry yeast5 tablespoons sugar4 cups flour1 Russet potato, peeled and quartered
Add the water and  yeast to a crock jar that is at least 1 ½ gallons. You can also use the ceramic insert from a crock pot if you don’t have a jar. Just don’t store in metal!
Mix in the sugar and flour. The consistency should be just slightly thinner than pancake batter. Adjust your water or flour if needed to reach desired consistency.
Drop in the potato. Cover with a cup towel. Stir about 6 hours in. The starter is ready to use in 12 hours, but I like to let it set-up 24 hours for a more sour/tart flavor.
Before using the starter, be sure to whisk. Use as a replacement for milk or buttermilk in recipes.
Only recharge the starter when you take 3 cups out of it.
Replace with:1 1/2 cups flour, 1 1/2 cups warm water and 2 tablespoons sugar. Whisk and it’s ready to use again or cover and let set another 6 -12 hours for a more sour/tart flavor.
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